Secondary BatteryPressure Distribution Measurement in Formation Process Equipment

Application of kitronyx's PressureScan for secondary battery formation process


In the battery formation process, batteries undergo repeated charging, discharging, and aging.
During this process, it is essential to uniformly apply pressure to the cells in all channels.
This case using the SFC5813R2 sensor in the formation process equipment to check the surface pressure distribution of each channel.


By using the SFC5813R2 sensor in the formation process facility,
we checked the surface pressure distribution with the ForceLAB2 analysis software.

The ForceLAB2 provides the following functions:

1. Visualization of 2D and 3D pressure distribution
2. Ability to check COF (Center Of Force)
3. Real-time data monitoring and logging
4. Reference for pressure and force after calibration

Expected Benefits and Applications

1. Increased convenience for worker
    The PressureScan JF is a wireless product with an integrated controller and sensor, making it convenient to use.

2. Support for quality control
Functionality for pass/fail judgment using numerical indicators.
    ※ Indicators need to be developed.

3. Real-time pressure distribution measurement
    Data quantification, Visualization of 2D and 3D pressure distribution, COF

4. Applications of result data
    Data is saved as a .csv file, which can be analyzed using Excel, Python, MATLAB, etc., if needed.


<Measurement result video>

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