DisplayPressure Distribution Measurement System in Pad Lamination Tester

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Pad Lamination Tester


The SFC1400CX sensor has been applied to measure the durability and pressure distribution of the silicone pad attached to the pad lamination tester.


By analyzing changes in pressure distribution and misalignment over multiple uses of the silicone pad,
we can assess its durability and help ensure even nip pressure adjustment.

Expected Benefits & Applications

1. When validation using various types of silicone pads is required:
Due to the characteristics of the FSR sensor, the force and pressure output values may vary depending on the material under pressure. (※ While it is possible to measure pressure distribution and compare relative values, the margin of error for force and pressure may increase.) To enhance the accuracy of pressure measurements, it is recommended to use the 'scale factor' function of ForceLAB2.

2. Efficient Management through PLC Integration and Data Storage:
Install a controller and PC on the equipment to acquire and manage data from a single PC.
(※ Communication type needs to be verified)

<Measurement result video>

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