SemiconductorMeasurement of Pressure Distribution in Semiconductor Wafer Bonding Process

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Semiconductor Wafer Bonding Process.


This is a case study of testing to replace the Pressure indicating film,

previously used for measuring pressure uniformity in 300 mm wafer bonding equipment,

with the Pressure Distribution Measurement System


A comparison test was conducted to verify the feasibility of replacing the pressure indicating film with the Pressure Distribution Measurement System under identical pressure conditions. The test evaluated shape conformity between the two methods.

Furthermore, in ForceLAB2, the sensitivity option (S-level adjustment) can be used to adjust the color contrast to match the sensitivity levels of the pressure indicating film for comparison purposes.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

Reduction of Process Defect Rate
: To reduce the process defect rate, voids occurring during wafer bonding are a major concern. Voids can lead to durability and performance degradation, making it essential to minimize them in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Flatness in the wafer bonding process is particularly important. The total thickness of the wafers must be uniformly maintained during bonding, which helps to minimize bonding defects such as voids.


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