SemiconductorApplication of Pressure Distribution Measurement and Pass/Fail Decision in Roll Laminator Process

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Roll Laminator


This is a case study on the use of a pressure distribution measurement system for assessing the left-right uniformity pass/fail criteria in roll laminator equipment.


The results measured at three different pressure points. Using the ‘accumulate mode’ in ForceLAB2, the overall pressure distribution of the roller can be easily observed at a glance, and the pressure distribution at the current position can also be checked in real-time.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

Improving Quality Control Efficiency

: By utilizing the pass/fail judgment function supported by COF in ForceLAB2, it is possible to enhance quality control. Digitalized values can be used to develop and apply appropriate pass/fail criteria for the process.


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