Secondary BatteryApplication of Pressure Distribution Measurement in the Electrolyte Injection Process

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Electrolyte Injection


This is a case study of measuring the pressure distribution that occurs when pallets are combined to pre-detect electrolyte leakage during the ELF process.


These are the results of measuring the pressure distribution at the bottom of a cylindrical cell using a simplified jig before applying the process.

The results indicate that it is possible to measure the pressure distribution at key locations of the cylindrical battery.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Process Safety Management
: Electrolyte leakage in batteries can cause safety issues such as fires and electrical shocks. By detecting leaks through pre-inspection, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent injuries and damage to equipment.

2. Maintaining Battery Performance
: Electrolyte leakage can degrade battery performance. Early detection and treatment can extend the battery's lifespan and maintain its performance.

3. Ensuring Quality Consistency
: By monitoring and maintaining battery performance using standard values and pass/fail criteria, consistent product quality can be ensured.

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