Robot/HealthcareBody Pressure Distribution Measurement on Mattress

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Mattress


This case study involves measuring body pressure distribution on a mattress by connecting 8 units of SFC4300CX sensors.

 Body pressure measurement can be used for monitoring and medical purposes in patient care, 

as well as for improving the usability and quality of mattresses.


According to the body pressure measurement results, there was an error of approximately 10% in the load measurement, 

but the approximate load could still be determined.

Additionally, the body pressure distribution based on lying posture and different body parts could be identified.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention Solution

: Health issues such as pressure ulcers can arise for the elderly and patients who lie in bed for extended periods. To prevent this,
body pressure distribution can be used to check if the mattress evenly distributes the body weight.

2. Mattress Improvement and Development

: When developing or improving mattresses, utilizing body pressure distribution data can help design mattresses that offer better support and comfort to users.

3. Marketing Utilization

: This data can be used as material to explain the superiority of the mattress to consumers. By providing body pressure distribution data, the advantages of the product can be visually demonstrated.


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