Secondary BatteryWinder Equipment Levelness and Pressure Uniformity Measurement Solution

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Winder Equipment


This case involves replacing analog pressure indicating film with a pressure distribution measurement system, the SFC1400CX, to verify the levelness and pressure uniformity of the nip roller.


Using the winder nip roller equipment for pressurization, the results showed a similar pattern between the analog pressure indicating film (4LW) and the SFC1400CX sensor. 

Additionally, with ForceLAB2, it was possible to verify the numerical values, providing detailed and precise data.
This experiment not only validates the capability of replacing analog pressure indicating film with a pressure distribution measurement system but also demonstrates the potential for complete digitalization of the process. 

The successful integration of the SFC1400CX sensor enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of pressure measurements, paving the way for more advanced and streamlined operations in the industry.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

Digitalization of Pressure Distribution Measurement and Smart Factory Implementation
By introducing a pressure distribution measurement system, we are digitalizing pressure distribution measurement and building a smart factory.
This enables real-time monitoring and database creation, allowing for complete automation and optimization of the process. Consequently, production volume can be increased, and the production process can be efficiently managed to enhance quality.


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