OthersPressure Distribution Measurement for Hydrogen Tank FSB Bonding Equipment

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for FSB Bonding Equipment


This is an example of applying the SFC5040 sensor to verify the uniformity of FSB (Flexible Secondary Barrier) bonding. 

To measure an area of 1000 mm x 400 mm, two SFC5040 sensors were used. 

The pressure distribution measurement system helps ensure uniform bonding pressure across the entire surface,
which is critical for the structural integrity and safety of the hydrogen tank. 

The data collected allows us to verify the equipment's performance and make necessary adjustments to maintain optimal bonding conditions. 

This process is crucial for achieving consistent quality and reliability in hydrogen tank production.


We measured the pressure distribution at three locations. Using the customer's pneumatic wooden equipment on-site, we calibrated at 300 mbar to verify accuracy. During the actual equipment testing, the measured pressure was 280 mbar, indicating an error margin of approximately 7%.

These measurement results are important for confirming the uniformity of the bonding surface pressure. 

This helps improve the bonding process and enhance the structural stability of the components.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Ensuring Stability
Applying uniform and appropriate pressure during FSB bonding secures the adhesion at the interface, preventing gas leaks and isolating the contact with the outside environment, thereby preventing fires and explosions.

2. Securing Quality Control Solutions
By establishing and managing pass/fail criteria based on numerical data and shapes, we can ensure that the appropriate pressure is uniformly applied across the entire surface. This helps improve quality and enables effective management according to regulations.




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