SemiconductorPressure Distribution Measurement of CMP(Chemical Mechanical Polishing) Polishing Head

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for CMP


CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) is a process used to planarize the surface of a wafer that has become uneven during the manufacturing process. 

A flat surface is crucial for enhancing electrical performance and preventing wear, so uniform pressure must be applied through the head to grind the surface evenly. Therefore, the flatness of the head is essential. 

This is an example of applying the SFC4300CX sensor to measure the pressure distribution of the polishing head in the CMP process.


Using the SFC4300CX sensor, we measured the pressure distribution of the polishing head in the CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) process and confirmed the flatness and uniform pressure distribution of the head surface. 

The measurement results allowed us to visually verify the pressure distribution and shape of the head. 

This application is expected to improve wafer surface flatness and increase product reliability.

 Additionally, real-time pressure distribution data is anticipated to enable preventive maintenance and process optimization. 

The SFC4300CX sensor's pressure distribution measurement can serve as a crucial quality control tool in the CMP process.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Improved Quality and Yield
By applying uniform pressure across the wafer surface, polishing efficiency is increased, and even planarization is achieved, ensuring smooth electrical signal flow and thereby improving wafer yield.

2. Quality Control Solution

Based on the measured data and shapes, a database can be established, and pass/fail criteria can be developed, enabling efficient quality management.




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