Robot/HealthcarePlantar Pressure Distribution Measurement

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Plantar Pressure Distribution.


Plantar pressure distribution measurement is crucial across various fields. In the footwear and insole industry, it enables the design of more comfortable and functional products.

For research purposes, it aids in analyzing gait patterns to assess balance or determine structural issues in the foot, as well as in rehabilitation therapy.

For these reasons, we present a case study where an insole sensor was used to measure the pressure distribution while a real person stood on it.


When you look at the results on the Snowforce3 software screen , two Tinn controllers and corresponding insole sensors were used. The difference between areas where pressure is applied strongly and where it is applied weakly on both feet is clearly visible. 

In the attached video, you can see how the Center of Force (COF) changes according to the areas where pressure is applied more heavily.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Footwear and Insole Design
Utilizing plantar pressure distribution data to design shoes and insoles enhances functionality and increases customer satisfaction.

2. Medical Field
In orthopedics and physical therapy, plantar pressure distribution data is used to diagnose the foot health of patients and
develop treatment plans.

3. Research and Development
Through gait analysis research, solutions for foot health management can be developed, and various gait patterns can be collected
 and utilized.





<Result Video>

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