OthersBall Drop Test for Comparing Reinforcement Strength of Protective Films

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Ball Drop Test.


The client wanted to conduct a ball drop test to compare the reinforcement strength of different types of protective films.
To achieve this, the ball drop test was applied to the SFM6000CXR2 to evaluate its discernibility and applicability.


The results were measured by dropping a ball from a height of 5 cm using the SFM6000CXR2 device. Considering the high speed of the falling ball, a 600 Hz controller was applied, and the data was successfully recognized. 

Since this test was a simplified test performed by dropping the ball by hand, there may be variations in position and values. 

However, using a device that can consistently drop the ball from the same position can compensate for these variables.

For reinforcement strength comparison, a ball drop test was conducted for each film, and the ADC values were analyzed. 

It was confirmed that the lower the ADC value, the better the reinforcement strength, thus determining the reinforcement strength.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Database Creation and Quality Improvement
By testing the reinforcement strength of the films, data can be collected for pass/fail judgments, allowing for quality management. Establishing a quality management process based on these values can improve the yield of good products and enable the selection of the most robust products.

2. Enhancement of Research and Development Efficiency
When developing new film materials, testing the reinforcement strength in the initial stages can help in selecting the optimal material.

This can save time and costs in the research and development process.




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