Secondary BatteryMeasurement of Pressure Distribution on Cylindrical Battery Cell Welding Rod

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Cylindrical Battery Cell Welding Rod.


The quality of the welding rod in resistance welding significantly affects the success and consistency of the weld.

Applying uniform pressure at the same location minimizes contact resistance and improves the accuracy of the welding position, thereby ensuring welding quality.

This introduces a case where the TFM2800C sensor was applied to measure the pressure distribution of the welding rod within the resistance welding equipment for cylindrical battery cells.

By accurately measuring the pressure distribution of the welding rod, uniform welding quality can be maintained, and the reliability of the welding process can be improved.


As a result of applying pressure to the welding rod, the shape of the welding rod was clearly displayed, and the measurement positions were identifiable.

This facilitates the assessment of the flatness and wear resistance of the welding rod, making it effectively usable in the quality management system.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Regular Quality Inspections and Quality Improvement Effects
Welding quality can be improved, and the wear condition can be assessed to determine the replacement timing, thereby reducing defects and rework.

2. Utilization in Automated Inspection Systems
A system that can assess the flatness of the welding rod, ensure correct alignment, and inspect the degree of wear can be introduced to maximize efficiency.





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