SemiconductorTotal solution for measuring pressure distribution of small parts

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Small Parts such as Springs



To precisely measure the pressure distribution applied to small parts such as springs, we have developed a circular single-cell sensor.

 Additionally, we have developed customized software that reflects the customer's usage environment and requirements, enabling customers to monitor and analyze pressure data in real-time. 

This integrated solution has contributed to improving process efficiency and enhancing quality control.


Using the test jig, we verified the output changes corresponding to the applied pressure on four sensors and conducted a durability test. 

The results of the durability test confirmed that there was no damage to the sensors after 30,000 applications of pressure.

We also developed software to match the customer's usage conditions and environment. 

This software allows for the verification of both the direction and magnitude of the applied pressure.


Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Process Optimization
By continuously optimizing the production process through real-time data monitoring and analysis, process efficiency can be maximized.

2. Data-Driven Improvement
Utilizing accumulated data for ongoing process improvement and product development can improve quality in the long term and
enhance competitiveness.


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