SemiconductorTotal Solution for Measuring Pressure Distribution of Cuttable Sensors

Application of Kitronyx's Total Solution for Cuttable Sensors Usable in Various Processes



To apply to various equipment of the customer, we manufactured cuttable sensors to the customer's specifications. 

Using a test jig, we verified the sensor performance and developed software suitable for the customer's process environment. 

This is a case where we developed and applied from sensors to software to match the customer's usage process.


Using the test jig, we verified the pressurization shape and performed a durability test. 

The durability test was conducted with the same jig through 20,000 applications of pressure, and it was confirmed that there was no damage to the sensor.

We also developed software to meet the customer's specifications. 

This software includes a function to determine PASS/FAIL by comparing the pressurization shape and values of good products.

As demonstrated in this case, Kitronyx can provide solutions tailored to the customer's usage environment.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Enhanced Quality Control
With cuttable sensor and customized software, accurate verification of pressurization shape and values is possible, allowing for quick and precise differentiation between good and defective products. This greatly improves product quality.

2.  Increased Productivity
The automated PASS/FAIL judgment function reduces inspection time and maximizes the efficiency of the production line.


<A video of the software in operation >

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