SmartphoneTotal Solution with 3-Axis Tactile Sensors for Quality Testing

Application of Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System for Quality Testing


This is a case where we developed a total solution with 3-axis tactile sensors and software to determine the direction and magnitude of forces during quality testing. 

This solution can be applied to fixtures, stages, and other equipment to check the uniformity of tilt and pressure distribution. 

By identifying areas where pressure is concentrated, products can be improved, and quality can be managed.


Using a pressurizing device capable of 3-axis movement, measurements were taken by changing the measurement position in 30˚ increments. 

and The average error was 4.53˚.

This result demonstrates the reliability of the angles and directions detected by the 3-axis tactile sensor.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Improving Durability and Product Enhancement
By identifying areas where pressure is concentrated and improving the design and manufacturing processes, the durability and performance of the product can be continuously enhanced.

2. Efficient Data Management
By collecting and storing data in real time, long-term quality tracking and analysis become easier.
This allows for the early detection and response to quality issues.


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