Robot/HealthcareAutomated Insole Manufacturing Solution Based on Plantar Pressure Measurement and 3D Printing

Utilizing Kitronyx's Pressure Distribution Measurement System to Enhance Insole Manufacturing and Improve Medical Services


In the development project for a 3D printing-based smart insole production system for foot health, Kitronyx's insole sensors were used to verify and evaluate the plantar pressure distribution effect of custom-made insoles produced by 3D printing. 

Additionally, specialized software for plantar pressure analysis and evaluation was developed, enabling not only measurement but also monitoring.

Ultimately, software was created to integrate the insole manufacturing process and plantar pressure data, allowing for effective management of both manufacturing processes and patient data simultaneously.

This system provides a foundation for more effective improvement of patients' foot health by enabling personalized treatment and efficient data management.


By developing plantar pressure medical interpretation support software, patient data can be stored and managed using insole sensors. This allows for the monitoring and analysis of patient data.

The data integration management software comprehensively integrates and manages the information and systems necessary for the 3D printing-based insole manufacturing process, along with patient data.

Expected Benefits and Applications 

1. Improved Treatment Satisfaction

By using plantar pressure analysis software, the patient's condition can be monitored in real time, and insoles tailored to the patient's foot shape and condition can be produced, providing more accurate and effective treatment.

2. Efficient Data Management

By integrating the manufacturing process and patient data, consistency in data is maintained, enabling quick and accurate prescriptions.

3. Simplified Insole Manufacturing Process

By simplifying numerical measurements and complex procedures, and utilizing medical data, custom insoles can be produced immediately, saving time and costs.

4. Establishment of a Data-Driven Treatment System 

By providing foot analysis reports, patients can clearly understand their condition. 

Based on these reports, medical professionals can develop scientific and systematic treatment plans, which help patients better understand their treatment process, increasing their trust and improving treatment satisfaction.


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