MA2406AA is an interface board that enables communication between sensors and controllers.

           It has a structure with four 50 pin connectors, allowing four sensors, such as the SFC5512, SFC5210M2, and             SFC3110, to be connected to a single interface board.

         MA2406AA Product Specification


Product TypeInterface board
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)43.6 x 140 x 3.7

         MA2406AA List of Compatible Products


SFC5512, SFC5210M2, SFC3110
Baikal II, Baikal II WIFI
Extension Cable
FC50, KFC200A

         MA2406AA Connection Example Image 


         Connection Guide for 4 Sensors (MA2406)

           Please refer to the guide document for instructions on how to connect up to 4 sensors using the MA2406.