Common[Document] Guide to Connecting 4 Sensors to Interface Board (MA2406)


this is Kitronyx, a leading company in the field of pressure distribution sensors.

In this post, we will guide you on how to simultaneously connect four secondary battery pressure uniformity measurement sensors to a single interface board.

First, please ensure that your products are compatible, as the applicable interface board and sensor models are limited.

Even if you are using the specified sensors, they are only compatible with the MA2406 interface board. 

Therefore, please purchase the MA2406 separately and refer to this guide.

Additionally, the sensor's INI files must also be compatible with the MA2406. 

If you do not have the INI files, please contact us for prompt assistance.

* Applicable Sensors: SFC5512, SFC5210M2, SFC3110

* Applicable Interface Board: MA2406

For other products, a separate interface board is required for each sensor.

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